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Our South Florida motorcycle accident attorneys want to discuss your case if you have had any pain or suffering caused by a motorcycle accident. Our lawyers will help you understand what legal rights you have, and how we can help you. Call for a free consultation.

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South Florida Motorcycle Accident Law Firm

As a personal injury law firm, we are very familiar with the state and local laws regarding auto accidents. Our south Florida motorcycle accident attorneys will investigate your case to find out what happened. We stop at nothing to build a strong case for each of our unique clients. Sadly, there are over 70,000 motorcyclists that are injured every year. These accidents usually happen because of reckless driving, negligence, and/or speeding. We will look into your case to find out what happened to cause your accident, and lay out the best case for your specific situation.

A lot of times, a motor vehicle driver will look to see if there are any cars and then switch lanes. Unfortunately, a driver might not see a motorcycle that is also switching lanes and this can cause an accident. Sometimes, however, the other driver doesn’t look, or doesn’t indicate. Perhaps they were distracted, talking on their phone, texting, or checking social media while driving. These factors could build a case of negligence, or reckless driving, in favor of the victim. Our south Florida motorcycle accident attorneys will dig in to get the details of your accident, and build a case for you.

Usually when the loss is tremendous and financial matters become difficult, people don't know where to turn for help. After a serious accident, medical bills might be costly. If your bike was totaled, the repair bills will add up. If you are unable to work, you may lose wages. Should you find yourself in this position, it is important to reach out to a motorcycle accident attorney, such as one from our firm. We take time to dig into each case we represent, and give personal care when our clients need it the most. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation to find out how we can help. We will fight for your rights!

We want all of our clients to know these tips after being involved in an accident:

Don’t sign anything without speaking to an attorney first - signing documents could hurt your chances of recovering money for the injuries you incurred. Consult with a motorcycle accident attorney before you sign any paperwork.

Don’t let insurers record you - the insurance company may try to tell you that recording you is for accuracy purposes. However, they often use such recordings against the victims later. You have the right to say no, that you don’t want to be recorded.

police taking photos of a motorcycle accidentDon’t wait to contact a personal injury lawyer - in many motorcycle accident cases, evidence disappears rather quickly. This can make your case harder to prove, and there is a limited window to collect damages that are owed. Don’t hesitate to reach out; our south Florida motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to give you a free case evaluation.

Having a lawyer on your side in during these tough times can help you find a way to move on with your life. Our personal injury lawyers can help you with your case by being your advocate through thick and thin. We will work in your best interest whether outside the court, or at trial; in front of the judge, jury and any other attorneys. We will make sure that your side of the story is heard by all, and that you get compensated for as much as possible. Contact our motorcycle accident attorneys right away to get the help you deserve!

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Personal injury lawyer Warren Peebles and his wife, Lana Peebles, have built this firm together on the virtue of providing experienced representation for those in need. Call us if you are looking for South Florida motorcycle accident attorneys in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano Beach, Boca Raton and all surrounding areas.

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