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Should I Call a Slip and Fall Attorney in Fort Lauderdale?


You enter any building or property with a couple assumptions in mind. First, you assume that you’ll be walking into a place that’s safe and free from slippery floors or other dangers. But at Peebles Law Group P.A., we know this isn’t always the case. Slip and fall incidents are becoming increasingly common, and you may wonder if your circumstance warrants calling a slip and fall attorney in Fort Lauderdale. At Peebles Law Group P.A., we’re here to help.

When it comes to slip and fall accidents, it’s important to know that not every single incident warrants a case. After all, courts recognize that a business cannot be expected to prevent each and every slip and fall incident with so many factors at play. But if you feel that your slip and fall was caused by negligence, then it’s time to see how a slip and fall attorney in Fort Lauderdale from our team at Peebles Law Group P.A. may be able to help.

Businesses are expected to inspect and maintain their grounds to ensure safety. If a business does spot signs of a slip and fall danger, it’s their responsibility to either fix or warn of the problem. If the business has failed to meet its legal duty of care, then it’s time to see how our knowledgeable slip and fall attorneys may be able to help.

Slip and fall injuries can cause pain, suffering and even lost wages. How long does it take to resolve a personal injury case? At Peebles Law Group P.A., we know you deserve the fastest and fairest resolutions possible. We’re committed to aggressively defending your rights and pursuing your best interests. We won’t let our case gather dust on the shelf, we know that the outcome of your slip and fall case can make all the difference in your recovery. Your best interests are our best interests, and we’ll fight for your justice.

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall incident at the fault of another’s negligence, you need the right help to turn things around. Our team at Peebles Law Group P.A. is here to help. We offer the most dedicated assistance, guidance and representation when it comes to slip and fall incidents. If you’ve been injured, don’t suffer alone. You can count on a dedicated slip and fall attorney in Fort Lauderdale to help. Don’t suffer alone. Call (954) 226-9134 to see how our team can help.


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