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When most people think about cruise ships, they think vacation. At Peebles Law Group P.A., we’re aware of the dangers which cruise ships can create. The maritime industry presents some of the most harmful working conditions around. Additionally, thousands of cruise passengers are injured on ships each year. If you have sustained injuries on a cruise ship, our attorneys at Peebles Law Group P.A. can help. A cruise ship attorney in Fort Lauderdale from our firm can help with your personal injury case, whether you’ve been injured as a passenger or as an employee. The close quarters of a cruise ship can present compromising circumstances for employees and passengers alike, negligence can exacerbate the risks of sustaining personal injuries aboard a cruise ship.

At Peebles Law Group P.A., we believe that if you have sustained personal injuries at the fault of another, there is more than likely a case at hand.

As a passenger on a cruise ship, a personal injury is the last thing on your mind. As you’re enjoying your cruise, you may find a mishap that sinks your fun. Cruise line or employee negligence can create circumstances that cause a personal injury. For example, a slippery floor is a common sight on a cruise ship. If the wet floor is inadequately marked, you may find yourself taking a painful spill. Making the most of cruise ship amenities is high on anyone’s sea-bound vacation list. But, when these amenities aren’t properly cared for by the cruise line or its employees, injuries can occur. Falling objects, improperly maintained facilities and unsafe food practices can ruin anyone’s vacation with personal injuries.

If you’ve been injured as a passenger on a cruise ship, we encourage you to give us a call at (954) 226-9134. Cruise ship injuries are a serious situation that warrants legal assistance.

Passengers aren’t the only individuals aboard a cruise ship, the employees working for the cruise line can become victims of personal injury as well. At Peebles Law Group P.A., we provide legal assistance to employees throughout the maritime industry. If you have been injured while working aboard a cruise ship, fishing boat or any other vessel, our firm may be able to help. If your employer has created unsafe working conditions aboard the ship which have resulted in your personal injury we believe they should be held accountable. For maritime employees who have died as a result of another’s negligence, we can help their surviving family find the justice they deserve.

Making ends meet after a personal injury can be challenging and the injuries sustained in maritime situations are no different. If you’ve sustained a personal injury aboard a cruise ship as a passenger or employee, we encourage you to speak with a cruise ship attorney from our firm. We can assess your situation and determine your legal course of action. If we determine you have a case at hand, we will help you from start to finish, pursuing your best interests throughout the case.

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