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An Auto Accident Attorney in Fort Lauderdale’s Holiday Driving Guide


South Florida roads are notorious for their traffic, crazy drivers and frustrating driving situations. And it seems as we move further into the holiday season, things only get tougher. The roads fill with drivers visiting from other states and countries, along with snow birds making their journeys to the Sunshine State for their winter holidays. With all the new drivers and new traffic hitting South Florida roads, it’s only a matter of time before accidents start happening. At Peebles Law Group P.A., we know how frustrating auto accidents can be, but we’re here to help. An auto accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale from our team at Peebles Law Group P.A. can help in many personal injury circumstances related to auto accidents. But, all drivers would prefer avoiding an accident in the first place. We’ve put together a guide to the safest South Florida holiday driving.

The most important tip for avoiding the need to work with a car accident law firm in Fort Lauderdale is to drive safely. And safe driving is more than just buckling up and using your turn signal. Safe driving starts with following important steps in your vehicle, and then it extends to those around you. Make sure that you’re paying attention to the other drivers surrounding you. If a driver clicks on their turn signal and attempts to maneuver into your lane, allow them to do so as long as it’s safe. After all, acting like a Grinch and refusing to let them through can put your car in their blind spot, bringing other issues. With so many out of town visitors, there are often many confused drivers on the road, needing extra patience to avoid incidents.

The other cars on the road aren’t the only concern when it comes to holiday driving. Additional pedestrians on the roads can also create additional dangers. Make sure that when you’re driving at night, you keep an extra eye out for pedestrians. It gets darker earlier during the holidays, so it’s important to remember that the early evening can bring nighttime conditions quickly. For your own safety, make sure that your headlights and brake lights are fully functional so other drivers can see you on the road.

These are just a few of the ways you can work to ensure that you maintain the utmost safety when driving around this holiday season. If you do become injured on the road by the fault of another, our car accident law firm in Fort Lauderdale is here to help you through any necessary legal avenues. With the help of a knowledgeable auto accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale, you can work through your personal injuries. Don’t let the holiday season bring the unwanted gift of auto accidents. Stay safe on the road no matter when you’re driving.

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